You put up the tent!

Thank you!

Over the summer, we used our personal funds to create a patio space for outdoor dining at Fat Milo's.  But, as you know, our spectacular Oregon summers quickly give way to a cold wet fall and then a colder wetter winter, and then a very wet spring. When that happens, in a few short weeks, our patio, as it stands, will not be very welcoming or comfortable.  We created a GoFundMe page to help us with the supplies needed so we can continue to serve our community throughout the winter and spring, and you all went over the top with your contributions.  Thank you! 

What our funds are going towards

Outdoor Tent

Now on order!


outdoor heaters


tent lighting

We are extremely grateful for your support and contributions and because of your generosity to our business, we are also pledging to pay it forward.

Over the next year, we will pay forward each & every dime we raise.  We will hold ourselves accountable for giving the community as much as you give us.  Below, we will publicly display the amount(s) given and how we gave back to our community until the entire amount is paid forward.   

Supporting the Community


Community Give Back Updates

  • Good Neighbor Center

  • In Kind Boxes

  • Sherwood Police Foundation

  • Oregon School Employees Association