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BBQ Burger
Serving Heartwarming Classics

Locally Sourced. Scratch Kitchen.

oldfashioned fat milos

Friday, April 12, 2024

Supper Club fat Milos



About Us

We started our family kitchen in 2010 with one goal in mind: providing a comfortable dining experience with fresh, locally sourced, natural ingredients. We believe in handcrafted meals made with quality ingredients. We source our ingredients from local purveyors who have demonstrated their commitment to community support, food safety, and quality.


We take pride in providing dishes that are fresh, hearty, and simply unforgettable. We have outdoor dining available when the weather is nice, and while we love to serve our customers in our diner, you can also enjoy our American comfort food delivered to your home!

Locally Sourced

Our commitment to supporting local businesses is not just a trend – it's a way of life for our team.  We believe in creating food with a conscience, and our customers can taste the difference. From our hearty breakfast options to our flavorful dinner entrees, we promise to provide customers with the best dining experience possible.

Scratch Kitchen!

At Fat Milo's Family Kitchen, we believe that fresh, homemade meals are the key to bringing families together. We take pride in creating all our sauces, dressings, biscuits, soups, and other items in-house using only the freshest ingredients available. 

turkey club sandwich fat milos

Restaurant Hours & Info

Dine-In or Pick Up

Wednesday - Sunday
8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Located in Old Town Sherwood

16147 SW Railroad Street,

Sherwood, OR 97140

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