Important Notice


As of Tuesday, January 4th, 2022 we will require all dine in guests to provide proof of vaccination (completion of 2 doses) against COVID-19.  We will not require proof to come inside to pick up or order takeout and shop from the case, but it will be required for folks that want to stay and dine inside.  The tent will remain closed until the weather warms up, but when it's open, folks can dine out there without showing proof of vaccination.  Proof can be via a paper card or your phone.  The mask mandate is still in place regardless of vaccination status. 


From the very beginning of this pandemic we have worked from the mindset of what is best for our employees and our community. If you disagree with our decision and feel as though you need to share your thoughts with us please direct your concerns directly to us by replying to this email.   Please do not take your frustrations out on our staff members.  We do not want to be in the position of policing you.  We just want to maintain a safe place for ourselves and our guests, and we believe our decision is the best way to do that.   


Thank you.    Rachel & Miles Schoening

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